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To restore is to give. It’s a commitment to hold in trust what is worthy and beautiful for those who come after us. To restore something is to leave the world a little better than we found it.

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The goal with my church projects is not to create beauty for beauty’s sake alone. The goal is to create beauty as inspiration, as a call to learn from the stories and symbols in the art and ornament; to assist us in remembering what’s important.
John Alan Warford

Extending Architecture

Restoration projects may include extending and enhancing the design language of the architecture to new surfaces created by renovations. At the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis in Santa Fe, NM, the flat wall behind the San Damiano cross has been incorporated into the existing architecture. The stained-glass windows originally on this wall were removed when the choir area was added behind this arch c. 1960. Through trompe-l’oeil (illusional/3-D) painted elements, this blank wall has now been united with the rest of the cathedral.
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Flat wall before
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Painting the “arch” above the cross - complex perspective was used to create an arch that matches the other real arches in the cathedral
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Flat wall after
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The real moldings on either side of the flat wall were extended with paint onto the flat wall. Shown from scaffold height, the illusional molding seems to drop off too precipitously; when viewed from ground level however (top pic), it aligns with the real moldings in proper perspective.

Restoration Services

We have over 18 years of experience in restoring metal and plaster ornament, statuary, paintings, and woodwork. We can restore just about any object or surface, regardless of condition. We have overseen large historic restoration projects, working with architects and contractors to ensure that all structural details work together to support the aesthetic vision for the project.
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140-year-old painting before and after restoration. Restoration included repairing tears in the canvas, preserving and isolating original painting, and painting large flaked areas to match.

Collaboration and Community

Our services also include incorporating the community in the design and execution of work where appropriate. Shown here are some of the 40 volunteers who were each taught a part of the painting process and whose steadfast work allowed the massive restoration of the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis to be completed within one year:
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